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A “Search for Christian Maturity” is an approach to the tough task of helping you find meaning in your faith.  It is different than a retreat.


The “Search” is a weekend during which young men and women come together for a sharing of faith, fun and fellowship.  It is not however, a cure-all for the problems youth may have although it is very helpful.  Rather it is an opportunity for you to gain a greater insight into the meaning of Christ in your life as well as insights into the way your faith may find expression in the world.  This is done through Search’s youth to youth approach.

The core of the weekend is a series of talks and discussions which thread their way through the program.  A team of young people share experiences is their lives which have tested their beliefs.  Their talks are prepared over a number of weeks under the guidance of a pastor and the other team members.

The Search weekend is only the beginning of a relationship with Christ and other persons who are growing in their faith.  We hope that you will return to your church or campus and become more active in ministry.  We also hope that you will share what you learn about yourself during the weekend with others who are also on a journey of faith.

Points to consider when saying “yes” to becoming a candidate:

1. Am I interested in trying to learn more about Christ and in trying to live a Christian life?
2. Am I interested in becoming a mature young adult?
 Search does not aim to cure serious problems but can offer you a model for a workable way of life.
3. Would I be willing to follow up this Christian faith experience by getting involved in a youth fellowship group  at my church or campus?
4. What do I hope to gain by attending a Search weekend?

The “Search for Christian Maturity” weekend is the beginning of a lifestyle of living and sharing your Christian faith at home, school, work, or wherever you are!